1. Medical Technology are crucial drivers of the exponential growth of data volumes. This growth rate of data is higher in the healthcare sector than almost anywhere else. For medical technology companies to seize the opportunities afforded by healthcare data, they must not only be able to handle the increasing volume of data but also ensure that the data is of high quality to trustworthy use and re-use this data.
    The aim of this breakfast session, hosted by i~HD, is to demonstrate the importance of quality of data. Health data quality has become a science on its own. The session will guide medical technology companies on achieving high quality data and preparing for new opportunities.

    Orateur(s) :See flyer
    Type :Événement
    Date :17/05/2022
    Heure :08:00-11:00
    Langue :EN
    Prix :Membre beMedTech : 55,00 € (HTVA)
    Non membre beMedTech : 85,00 € (HTVA)
    Brochure :i-HD Seminar Final.pdf